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In term one of 2016 the senior boys took on the task of trying to create a webpage that would allow people to have a tour around the school and see more about what makes Sakeji….well Sakeji.

This page is still under development, but keep checking back here for more information as we start to publish what we have been working on.

Beta – Virtual Tour Map

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Grace Munnings (Richardson)

The Sakeji Family is sad to pass on the news of the passing of Mrs Grace Munnings on February 8th in Seaforth ON. Canada. For most Sakeji students you will have memories of her as Mrs Richardson.  She served here at Sakeji for many years and no doubt touched the lives of many Sakeji students. This school and the alumni owe so much to her and the others that served tirelessly along side her for Christ. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Link below is for the full obituary. Obituary for Grace Munnings.

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