Sakeji Bursary Fund

Dear friends of Sakeji

The Sakeji Mission school board of govenors has met and agreed to set up a bursary fund for the school. The purpose of the fund would be mainly to help families who had lost their ability to pay the fees due to death of one or both of the parents, or families who had multiple children attending Sakeji and were finding it difficult to maintain them there financially.

The main focus would be for full time Christian workers and other believers active in the Lord’s work.

This bursary would not be for new or prospective Sakeji pupils, wanting to take advantage of the excellent education offered, without any financial obligation.

The bursary has been set up with Echoes, CMML and MSC so that donations made to the fund will be receipted for income tax purposes to the donor.

Yours in Christ, on behalf of the Sakeji Mission School Board

Paul Poidevin