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Sakeji Bush Talk

8 April 2004 - Page 1


Birthday party! A 'Nautical' Night

We had a nautical theme on the birthday party. It was nice. There were pirates and the party started on Wednesday. There was a harmonica and balloons were there. It was nice on birthday party. I wish it could come again and it will come again, but it will be a different theme. I miss birthday party already. We also had juice, ice cream, cakes, cucumber, sweets, bubble gum, hamburgers, and chips. There were knock-knock jokes, there were fish on the walls. It looked very, very nice.

~ Marilyn Mufundi, Grade 4

The birthday party was the best! We ate cake and had bubble gum. We also had ice cream. We also had hamburgers, and drinks, and french fries. Three sailors sang a song and the dining hall was fully decorated. There is a man from Canada who played a harmonica... Mr. Bierworth was as if he was a pirate and Wankumbu and Michael and Wankunda sang a song.

~ Isaac Mukosai, Grade 4

Our theme on the birthday party was about sea and things that sail on the sea and that live in the sea, The cakes looked like ships, fishes, divers, pirates, and maps. The teachers dressed up as pirates, sailors, captains, mermaids, and lady pirates and anchors.

~ Jonathan Chizelu, Grade 4

Boys at the Birthday Party

We had fun and there were stories (skits) and sweets. We ate cake with sweets. There were games. Mr. LaRose was a pirate and Mrs. Ronald was sea sick. She had a green face and a blue bucket. The theme was nautical (ships). We made fish and colored ships to decorate the dining room. Miss Knight and Miss Ronald were lady pirates. Miss Knight painted a picture of a ship called the S.S. Believer (Sakeji School Believer). It was nice. We had table cloths. Mr. Young was the cook for the ship and he had long teeth. Mark had a long nose and beard. (Mark Bosman is here visiting) Mr. Ronald and Naomi were prisoners. There were balloons hanging from the roof. Miss Avery was a captain.

~ The Grade 1-2 Class

Mr Robertson


Half Term fun makes time spin

First we woke up in the morning at the usual time, 6:15. Then the silver and gold sealers went for early morning swim at the dam. The water was warm after you were in for a couple of minutes. Breakfast was at 7:00. After breakfast we brushed our teeth and at 8:00 had sweets. I was able to calculate amounts spent on the sweets for the grade fives. Then, everyone had free-play for about an hour and a half. Jedidah, Kutemba, Thelma and I went to help ice whoopie pies, shape bread dough, bake bread, and serve milk and cookies. It was great fun. The following day, Tuesday, all the students went down to the river, except for silver and gold sealers. They got the privilege of going tubing from Lizard Point. Later we had lunch, which was nshima with deliciously cooked meat, and ice cream was dessert. Jedidah, Kutemba and I came up from the river and helped Mr. Bierworth cook meat and make pinapple juice. It was nice and sweet. Lastly, we watched a video called The Wilderness Family.

~ Busiwa Liuma, Grade 7


You hear thunder and see lightning and some times you get scared. Then I put my rain coat on. The people get other peoples rain coats and go bare foot. When you are wearing a rain coat, you can't get wet. So you don't get sick. Some people jump in puddles.

~ Grade 1 and 2 Class

A Pig Story

The pig ate the flower. The bees got mad and the bees stung the pig, and the pig ran away. The End.

~ Chawana Mukosai, Grade 2

More Half Term Happenings

I really enjoyed Half Term. On the first day we got sweets which we kept and ate. We also got to go roller blading and other things like badminton. When we got to the river we played with marbles on the track we made. I went tubing from the bridge with Wila and J.P. We had lots of fun, especially when Wila got stuck! Going on to the next day, we had more fun. After the grade 1-4's had been, it was time for us to go for computers and I beat Nambao in the car racing game. Soon after that we happened to go tubing. Meanwhile, during tubing, we had a sea weed fight. When Nambao and Wila called Mr. Ronald for help, Mr. Ronald came over. To their surprise he tipped them! Soon the war would end and I grabbed river weed from A.J. and slung it at Wila. Finally we reached our goal and continued to have fun the rest of the day. After supper we went and had video, which was nice, and thus ended Half Term.

~ Wankumbu Silengo, Grade 7

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This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

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Try looking in the monthly archives. 🙂