1925-2000 75th Anniversary

Sakeji School 75th Anniversary, 1925-2000

Anniversary Feedback

75th Anniversary
by Joyce Deacon (Sakeji staff member)


Where will they sleep? Three camp sites to be organised, four thatched cottages to be completed, grass shelters to be erected for the young folks. Pit latrines to be dug. Washing facilities organised etc.

How to feed so many? Batch after batch of ice cream is made. Delwyn Houghton and Eira Patching consult over menus – must include old favourites, Sakeji Mud, Sunday roast, and rice cakes for sure!

Over 400 now expected at the break up – too many to fit into the school hall to watch the concert. Let’s hold it on the school quad instead! Lighting and amplification needed. Will it be too cold? Scripts to be finalised, parts to be practised, props to be organised.

In addition: Art and handwork to be completed and displayed. A large quilt is being made with a square painted, sewn or drawn by each scholar. Old photos must be sorted and mounted. Also the selling of memorabilia – tea towels, mugs, bags, T-shirts with the school crest and motto. So much to do – will we ever be ready in time?


19th July 2000

1:00 pm: The visitors arrive – excited hellos – donning of name tags – tents mushroom – shop opens for selling of souvenirs.

4:00 pm: Official welcome and opening of the new administration block.

4:45 pm: Supper for about 430!! Served inside and outside.

7:00 pm: The open air concert. Smartly dressed in dark green sweatshirts, the children file on stage. The Zambian National Anthem sounds out. Then follows:

  • melodious part singing by the scholars.
  • shadow puppets and drama, presenting the challenge of the lives of the school’s founders, Dr & Mrs Walter Fisher.
  • other plays recalling past and present days at school, and even a humorous glimpse into the future!
  • recorder and guitar items.
  • scholars singing an exciting new musical setting by Matthew Raymond of 2 Timothy 3: 14-15, verses from which the school motto is taken.

20th July, 2000

Another huge crowd for breakfast. This is immediately followed by a meaningful Thanksgiving Service including:

  • two excellent addresses by keynote speakers, Harald Holmgren and Barry Haigh
  • a moving tribute on behalf of Zambian students from Kukenga Solomon (nee Konsolu)
  • memories from Mrs Molyneux
  • tributes to the Fosters and Joan Hoyte for their long years of service at Sakeji
  • songs and prayers of thanksgiving
  • evocative singing from the schoolchildren

Praise to God for…

  • the overwhelming sense of God’s faithfulness these 75 years!
  • the joy of reunion with so many ex-pupils who are going on well with the Lord
  • safe travel and protection from theft
  • the healing of old hurts
  • the help and generosity of many friends
  • the good spirit of our Zambian work force