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Sakeji has a limited email system by satellite. Please send TEXT-ONLY emails. Please do not send ‘frivolous’ email or forwarded jokes, etc. We encourage all parents to write their children via email using the email address and putting your child’s name in the subject line fo the email. Emails are distributed each day after lunch.

Email Addresses:


Postal Address

Mail to Sakeji, especially from overseas, can take 6 weeks to arrive. Please contact sakeji by letter or email first before sending any packages.

P.O. Box 20,
North Western Province,


Sakeji does not have land line phone access. However the school does have cell phone coverage via Airtel and MTN.


7 thoughts on “Contact Sakeji

  1. To Whom It May Concern,
    We are a group of 9 travelling from Australia in June/July 2015 (5 of us are ex-students) and would love to come and visit the school if that’s ok.
    Could you please tell me when your term breaks are around that time of year?
    Jonathan Stubbs

  2. Please assist with more information on admissions and your fee structure and if there are any transport arrangements that are made for visitations by prospective parents. Thank you.

  3. Good afternoon, my son is in Grade seven at Woodford School in Lusaka, I wanted to find out how he can be enrolled at your school next year.

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