House Competition

Sakeji in 2011 implemented a school wide House System. Each child along with their siblings are assigned to a house. Each student has the opportunity to obtain merits in the class room and the dorm. Additionally sports events are held each term that also go towards house merits. The House with the most merits at the end of the year wins the house trophy.

For more info see the house competition policy details.

The House’s are:



Fisher Yellow This house was named after Dr. Walter and Anna Fisher who founded Sakeji Mission School in 1925. Their vision for the future has been honoured by God and has been a blessing to many who have experienced life at Sakeji School.
Hoyte Blue Joan Hoyte, to date, is the longest serving member of the Sakeji Mission School staff. She began her service in 1950 and ended her time in the early 2000s. Alongside being the school nurse, cook and boys’ dorm parent she was much loved in the local community for her willingness to share the gospel.
Molyneux Green Joy Gammon who became Joy Molyneux was the first pupil at Sakeji Mission School back in 1925. She returned in 2000 to celebrate the school’s 75th Anniversary. She was the first of many who could trace their spiritual beginning with God to their time at Sakeji Mission School.
Poole Red The fourth house was named after Mary Poole who is buried at Sakeji. She was well known for her tender spirit and Christ likeness. She started serving at Sakeji in 1950 and served her Lord faithfully for many years until her sudden home calling. Her nature is what we crave for every Sakeji pupil, past, present and future.


The house winners are:


Inter House Sport Competition Timetable
Term 1  Term 2  Term3
 1st Half  2nd Half   1st Half  2nd Half  1st Half 2nd Half
  Juniors  Basketball  Netball  Football    Track & Field  Swimming Gala Rugby
 Seniors Basketball  Netball  Football    Track & Field Swimming Gala Rugby

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