House Competition

House Competition Policy and Details

The rational behind the Inter House Competition is to recognise and celebrate spiritual, academic, social, and sporting achievements of all students. Not only for the elite and highly academic performers but for the students who consistently put in hard graft and effort but would not ordinarily reach the high standards set by other students. The IHC tries to recognise that each child is different and that they progress and develop at different rates. Often in schools you find students who are talented academically but not always in the sporting realm and vice versa. There are some students that are spiritually, socially and sportingly switched on who may never achieve as highly academically in comparison to their peers. In brief the IHC tries to recognise that there is something in each student that can be celebrated. This by experience can stimulate healthy competition which in turn provides an ideal forum to learn how to win and lose in a gracious manner. It also can highlight that each student is valuable and an integral part of a team. It also in some measure highlights the greatness of God who recognises each person as precious and has created each one differently which is to the praise of His Glory – It is our responsibility to recognise these positives and celebrate them. It will boost self-esteem and hopefully give each student the opportunity to shine and to remember to give God the glory.

The IHC would operate through two main channels

1. Spiritual, Academic (inc music) and Social Achievements

2. Inter House Sport

The Spiritual, Academic and Social achievements or targets

The Spiritual can be defined by:-

  • the consistent display of Christ’s character (Character Quality Studies)
  • Memory Verse recitation
  • Input into Daily devotions and Scripture lessons
  • YSL progress (or any other scripture searching programme)
  • Submissions
  • Communicating through life and word the Gospel to fellow students+

The Academic can be defined by:-

  • Top marks in tests/exams
  • Presentation of work to a consistently high standard (child specific)
  • Showing creativity in writing
  • Appropriate and thoughtful oral contributions in class
  • Effort/hard working/conscientious+

The Social (Christian) can be defined by:-

  • Behaviour towards peers/visitors/staff
  • Behaviour in all physical areas of school
  • Polite
  • Courteous
  • Unselfish
  • Caring
  • Fulfilling responsibilities
  • Listening
  • Responsive+

The Sporting can be defined by:-

  • Fair play
  • Teamwork
  • Winning and losing graciously
  • Establishing school records
  • Executing a skill set with precision
  • Working hard in lessons/matches/games+


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