Sakeji Photo, 1949

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1949 School Photo

(Photo by Jim Bell. Submitted by Clement Kroeker.)

Front Row:

1. Margaret Hess
2. Stephen Raymond
3. Tim Raymond
7. Philip Kroeker
14. Colin Reed
15. Neil Reed
17. Patrick Long

Second Row:

18. Michael Watson
21. Ruth Wright
22. Anne Bowerman
23. Jo Wright
24. Rosina Want
25. Rosemary Kaye
26. Sandra Watson
29. Ruth Bell (nee Barham)
35. John Bowerman

Back Row:

38. Peter Salisbury
39. One of the Logan girls?
40. Anne Wilson?
41. Stina Baker (nee Hammerstrom)
44. Rosemary Atwell (nee Morse)
45. Gita Hammerstrom
46. ?Prescott
48. ?Paul Hess
49. ?Helen?
50. Edwin Horton
52. Charlie Perrin
55. Robert Horton
56. David Reed
59. Stuart Kaye
61. Paul Logan
62. Clement Kroeker

2005 – I can see several faces that I can recognise, but I can’t put names to many of them. Names like John Bowerman, John and Mearal Porter, Norman Bier, Birgitta Hammarstrom come to mind, but who is which? – Steve Raymond

July 2006 – Thanks to Ruth Bell (nee Barham) for identifying a few more faces.

One thought on “Sakeji Photo, 1949

  1. Hi my name is Margaret Hess and I was impressed by how many people Ruth recognized. I know that #48 is not my brother Paul. I think the blonde boy, with the tie, next to Charlie Perrin, is my brother Paul. I think that number is 53. The little boy in the sailor shirt in he front is Billie Bell. Thanks for the memories.

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