Update on 90 Year Celebration

Just a quick update on the 90 year celebration happening here at Sakeji in August. The below is rough agenda and plan for the weekend and the time here. Hope this gets you looking forward to coming along to enjoy the weekend and gets all the old memories flowing.  We look forward to welcoming and meeting each one.  If you can not come, please sign the guest book here on our website, share a memory, or leave a comment.  If you have a memory you would like shared, please send it through to us so that it can be read out at some point on the weekend. 

Original post and all other details can be found here.

Additionally we do have some Sakeji clothing and hats that will be for sale during the weekend if you so desire.


Friday afternoon as everyone is arriving we are leaving lots of time for meeting, catching up along with some games, activities and go-kart rides. 

Friday Supper – You guess what we are having.

Friday Night – A big bamboo bonfire just like old times.

Saturday morning will begin with an ‘early morning swim’. 

Saturday Breakfast – Well again tradition will rule.

Saturday Morning – Following breakfast there will be a morning assembly with singing and a hankie check.  Be prepared!  For those who are late, there may be some marches handed out!  A scavenger hunt is being planned for part of the morning as well, so that old haunts may be visited. 

Saturday Afternoon – After lunch there will be swimming at the pool.  We will try to have the flying fox going as well as king/queen of the plank. 

Saturday Supper – Supper will be a birthday party themed event.  Costumes will be provided. 

Saturday Night – In the evening, there will be a talent night, sketches, and much more in keeping with the birthday part theme. Come prepared with a skit, a song or a favourite memory.  There will be a quiz for all you history buffs!  We will try to get some old movies going with the reel-to-reel projector to show as well as some pictures in a slide show.  If you have some old pictures that you would like to share, please send them along or bring them. 

Sunday morning – There will be a family service at Sakeji, followed by “letter writing” (recording memories for a memory book). 

Sunday Lunch – Tradition Again

Sunday Afternoon – After lunch, the lorry will take a trip to the cottage for afternoon tea, swimming, and a relax. 

Sunday Night – There will be a Sunday evening fellowship time in the main sitting room.