Grade 7&9 Exams

Well it is that time of year again. Our students are actively engaged in preparing for the up and coming exams. For the complete schedule of grade from the Zambian Exam council use the links below to see when your kids will be writing their exams.  It looks like they are also busy preparing themselves in other ways too!

Grade Nine Exam Schedule – Click here for PDF
Grade Seven Exam Schedule – Click here for PDF

Junior Girl’s Rally

With the beginning of a new term comes the various activities that are participated in during the week. Rally is one of these activities. Here the junior girls listen to some instructions about some the activities planned for them during this time.

Learning about the use of natural materials

Grade 4&5 students have recently been learning about the use of natural materials for medicine, decoration, and building among other things. We made use of the work going on at Sakeji to further our investigations. The play house was being renovated with new thatch. We discovered that there are at least two types of grass and three types of trees being used for the work. We are thankful to make use of our environment and the work going on in them, to further our knowledge about the world and appreciate the people around us.

Learning About Mexico

Grade Four and Five students have been learning about Mexico in Social Studies. Some have even decided it would be a good place to take a holiday! Other students are hoping to try out tacos at home!

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