Recorder Practice

Students are busy engaged in their studies. Whether it is learning their spelling lists for the week, or practicing their musical numbers on the recorder, students are making progress. We have a lot to be thankful for and pray these skills and more will be used to honor the Lord Jesus Christ.
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Grade 3

The Grade 3 students showed some creativity last week. On Friday, we used a class to draw and label some animals. This followed on from a English Comprehension assignment where we were looking at pictures with labels and answering questions. The student drawings are being posted in our classroom! We are all settling well. We wish you were here. The Sakeji School Gr3 class of 2018
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Sakeji Student Gallery 2018

During the course of the year, students produce some lovely pieces of art. This is included on some of the letter writing paper they use to write a letter home each week. Other art has been preserved in this 2018 Sakeji Student Gallery calendar. We do have a few that will be offered on sale at the end of this term. They are available for K30 each. They make great gifts as well, ready to hang on a wall. If you are not able to attend and would still like a calendar, let the office know and we will make a plan to get you one if possible.

Bridge Building

November 8 – 2017
Sakeji Mission School is re-enforcing the bridge, which crosses the Sakeji River. The top has been wearing away, exposing the deformed bar. We added about 100mm of surface and are working on the foundations underneath, which were found to have significant erosion around the base.
The Grade 4&5 class went for a tour to see what was happening and to learn about the effort needed to keep our school and the surrounding area well maintained. We appreciated all the workers as well as the provision of supplies to carry out this work for the school and community.

Kalene Hill With Grade 8&9

November – 4 – 2017
Grade 8&9 students were taken for a hike up Kalene Hill, Iklenge District. Here they are on Castle Rock, overlooking Kalene.
At first, they thought it would be a simple hike, but quickly realised how steep the climb really seems on a hot, humid day. They were impressed by the view, being able to see D.R. Congo, Angola, and Sakeji Mission School off in the distance.
There was time for a quick swim and snack at the Orchard Get – A- Way, provided by Mr. and Mrs. Poidevin.