75th Anniversary Video

Video of 75th Anniversary

A video has been edited showing some of the celebrations. It is not professionally produced and the sound is rather poor at times, but several who have seen it have said it reflects the time well. Two editions are available:

1. 20 minutes of highlights: opening of administration building, concert, thanksgiving service, shots of outings and evening entertainments.

2. The above followed by longer footage of most activities, filling the 3 hour tape. (More chance of spotting yourself or your friends who attended!)

PAL VHS copies are available from:

Mr. Roy Millard
4 Wimborne Drive,
Pinner, Middx, HA5 1NQ, England
Tel: 020 8866 6951
email: millards.4@lineone.net

Cost including postage:
GBP 3.00 – UK
GBP 4.00 – Europe and elsewhere
(This is being copied privately.)

Please make cheques payable to “Roy Millard”, any excess will be put into school funds.

NTSC (US system) copies:

Please contact Vangie Henderson at vangieh83@hotmail.com to order an NTSC copy of the Anniversary video.

Further Questions

If you any queries regarding the video please contact Hilary Millard at the Sakeji email address, unless it is about ordering copies or postage costs, then contact Roy Millard.

Anniversary Booklet

We do hope to produce a booklet about the anniversary, including an update on the ‘green’ book produced for the 50th anniversary, but this has been delayed due to pressures here at school. We will let you know as soon as it is available.