Sakeji Anniversary Feedback

Gibbie Campbell

I have spoken to some of those past pupils about their visit to Sakeji and many found it difficult to express all their feelings about the reunion. When someone, who has never been to Sakeji, would ask “How was your visit to Sakeji?” words like ‘fantastic’ or ‘brilliant’ were not quite adequate to describe, what for many, was a nostalgic and personal pilgrimage. It was a unique and unrepeatable event, considering that in 25 years time, the 1950’s folk who are now in their 50’s will be 75+ and will probably not be there, so it was an opportunity to meet many old friends and colleagues from all round the globe, who would not, otherwise have met. For me it was walking in familiar places and seeing the geograpghy of the school, the dormitory where I slept the first night, the mud pool, the dam,the class rooms, the tastes long forgotten but instantly revived and remembered, shindwas, fudge, corn porridge, rice cakes – all of which had become a fading memory. It was also an opportunity to say ‘goodbye’ to the school, as I had intended with my parents to go back to Congo and Sakeji in 1960 but was prevented by the rebellion which had just started.The reunion gave me the opportunity to close that chapter and bring my memories up to date. Also to meet former colleagues, renew friendships and have laughs, chats, and serious discussions was all therapeutic, challenging, emotional and fun. Difficult to put into words but not to be missed. Thank you to Sakeji for all the effort, and for making it such an enjoyable experience.