Remembering Miss Hoyte

Miss Joan (Katwevi) Hoyte

— June 15, 1925 – June 12, 2018 —

We write in loving memory of a good friend, Joan Hoyte, who served so faithfully for many years at Sakeji Mission School in Zambia.

Joan was the granddaughter of the school’s founder, Dr. Walter Fisher and was born to Mr. and Mrs. Julian Hoyte who were serving as missionaries in Bunkeya, Congo. She was nick-named, Katwevi, after Mount Katwevi which was near the mission at Bunkeya.

Her early years were spent as a student at Sakeji School. She went back to the UK to complete a nursing degree, and later followed the Lord’s leading to return to Sakeji as the nurse as well as a dorm mum. She faithfully ministered to so many throughout her career. For some, Sick Bay was even their favourite place!

Miss Hoyte standing far left.


Upon ‘retirement’ she felt led to stay on in the area. While continuing to take an interest inthe lives of staff and students, she became involved with visitation in local villages and in Christian literature distribution. She also was a real help with the Lunda Bible revision work.  After a number of years of serving in this capacity, she returned to the UK due to reclining health.

Joan (Katwevi) is remembered fondly as a good friend and encourager to many who knew her. Her energy and warm hospitality were second to none. Even in her elderly years she would take visitors up to see the old Kalene Mission station which was on a fairly steep hill. The funny thing was that she would often slow down to let the younger ones catch up.

Miss Hoyte with entire school in 1975, seen end of fourth row from the top.

During her lifetime she invested in countless lives for the Lord. That investment will continue to have an impact for eternity. It’s with much gratitude that we, “Her ‘children’ rise up and call her blessed.” (Proverbs 31:28)

Grade 6 & 7

As part of our unit on energy and machines, the 6th and 7th grade students went on a tour of Sakeji’s generator house and turbine.  We got to observe the effect of turning on just one set of lights on out power, and had a good explanation of energy transfers and the different ways such as sound and heat that some energy is lost. 

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New School Year – 2015

Here at Sakeji we have not only started a new school year we have started the 90th year of school in this little corner of the world. For all of those interested there may be some announcements around this anniversary.

This year the school is up to 87 students which is more than have been at the school in quite a long time. Classes and dorms are full and it is great to see all of the students back and getting into the swing of the term.

First term this year is a short one only 10 weeks long, but all of the dates can be found on the calendar on the media main page if you wish to download. (It has been formatted for printing.) Additionally we have posted last years Bushtalks as well for any who may be interested.