New School Year – 2015

Here at Sakeji we have not only started a new school year we have started the 90th year of school in this little corner of the world. For all of those interested there may be some announcements around this anniversary.

This year the school is up to 87 students which is more than have been at the school in quite a long time. Classes and dorms are full and it is great to see all of the students back and getting into the swing of the term.

First term this year is a short one only 10 weeks long, but all of the dates can be found on the calendar on the media main page if you wish to download. (It has been formatted for printing.) Additionally we have posted last years Bushtalks as well for any who may be interested.

End of Term Update

Just an update on a few things before the end of term, which is coming up very quickly I might add!  We have had some heavy rains at Sakeji and the roads are wet and slippery We are in the middle of the second week of interviews for potential pupils for 2015.  Please pray for wisdom as we select students for next year.  Over 50 applications have come in from a wide variety of places. 

We had beautiful weather to enjoy as we celebrated 50 years since Zambian Independence.  There were decorations, a larger bonfire then ever, and a school-wide treasure and scavenger hunt! 

On 11 November, we had a minute of silence during the morning student assembly as we considered the burial of Mr. Sata.  We also considered many of the privileges of growing up in our country and prayed for continued peace and liberty, even at a time like this.

Students are looking forward to being reunited with their families once again – they are counting down the days!  A lot of progress has been made through the year and it is encouraging to see their growth in so many areas.  There is a baptism planned near end-of-term too!  We are also thankful for the many varied learning opportunities we have had this year as well; both here at the school and in the local area.  Next week, a visiting biologist from Germany will be here studying dragonflies.  Did you know Sakeji has a dragonfly named after it?

Please keep the students and staff in your prayers during the last push towards the end of the year; students writing tests, teachers marking papers and writing reports, practising for the end of term show, and much more will keep us busy the last few days. 

  • Please remember to communicate with us about your accommodation needs.  There are a few ex-pupils coming along with their families, but otherwise we are very full and will not be able to accommodate many extras. 
  • Clothing + yearbook will be available on Wednesday, 26 November from 13:0015:15.  These will be sold on a cash-only basis.  Caps (K74), Backpacks (K36), T-shirts (K74), Zipper Hoodie – adult sizes only (K180), Jumper/Hoodie – youth sizes only (K150), yearbook (K10)
  • Parent-teacher interviews will be held from 13:3015:30.  Please sign in and meet with your child’s teacher concerning their progress.
  • Award Ceremony15:45 – 17:00.  Some students will be recognised for proficiency, effort, and progress.  Other special year-end prizes will be given out as well.  Father Christmas is scheduled to appear as well.  Supper will be served to the students followed by parents and visitors directly after the Award Ceremony.
  • End-of-term Programme18:30 – Every Land Rejoice
  • A tea and snack will be provided for students in the dorm and for parents and visitors in the hall, after the programme. 
  • Thursday, 27 November – breakfast provided at 07:00.  Students, parents, and visitors begin leaving by road and air.

We would appreciate you keeping in mind that this is a tight programme and please be respectful of the time.

Mark Ronald – Headmaster

Sad News – Fabian Mwansa

On Thursday September 4th we received the news that Fabian Mwansa (grade two) was killed in a car accident. Fabian had only been at Sakeji for a short time but has left a hole in our Sakeji family. He is missed in the dorm by his dorm brothers and in class by his fellow classmates. Fabian was known for his trademark smile and laugh often heard across the playground.

Fabian Mwansa

Fabian (back) seen here with a fellow classmate, covered with evidence of that mornings handwork class,  displaying his trademark smile. (Photo Term 2 2014)

Although some time has passed since news reached us our thoughts and prayers are still with the family in their loss during this hard time.

Copperbelt Tour 2014

On Thursday oct 2nd, grades 7, 8 and 9 students travelled to Chingola for a sports tour with some of the schools in the Copperbelt.  A great time was had by all and very big thanks to our hosts for the various events.


Boys Football – Friday October 3rd @ Lechwe
Lechwe 1 Sakeji 0
Simba 2 Sakeji 1
Girls Netball – Friday October 3rd @ Lechwe
Lechwe 3 Sakeji 15
Simba 7 Sakeji 13
Boys Basketball – Saturday October 4th @ Amano
Amano 4 Sakeji 12
Girls Basketball – Saturday October 4th @ Amano
Amano 4 Sakeji 14
Boys Football – Saturday October 4th @ Amano
Amano 0 Sakeji 6
Girls Netball – Saturday October 4th @ Amano
Amano 11 Sakeji 9
Tag Rugby – Saturday October 4th @ Amano
Amano Boys 20 Sakeji Boys 35
Amano Girls 20 Sakeji Boys 45
Amano Girls 15 Sakeji Girls 35
Amano Boys 25 Sakeji Girls 25

A Glimpse Into the Students Mind

Here are some creative writing from the grade 4/5 class.

Premise: – What if you woke up in another country one day and no one could understand you?  What would you do?

…If I woke up in another country and no one could understand my language, I would freak out.  I would try in every possible way to get them to understand me.  But if they still wouldn’t understand me, I would try to learn their language.  If I failed to learn their language I guess I would be all by myself.  I would have to play all by myself.  I would have no one to teach me, I would have to try and teach myself, do each and every single thing by myself.  But if I woke the next morning and found that I was dreaming I would pray!                    Kangwa

…If I were to wake up one morning and be in a different country and no one spoke English… I would learn sign language and find someone deaf who knew sign language and how to write.  Then they could teach me their language.  If that didn’t work I would teach people sign language and then I would be able to communicate with them.  If that didn’t work I would get a plane back here and continue on with my wonderful fun-filled math life here?                            Melissa

Term 2 – 2014 Headmaster Update

Excerpts from the update sent to parents for term two 2014:

Dear Parents,

Greetings from Sakeji Mission School. We do pray you are well. I know that some of you pray for us here on a regular basis, and for that I am very thankful. Here is a little mediation and update that I wish to pass along to you.

I was just thinking about God’s Word. 1 Peter 2 says the Word of God is imperishable – it does not fade, it does not pass away, it remains forever. If we are Christians, 1 Peter 3 tells us that we should be desiring the Word of God, just like a new born baby desires milk to grow, so that we may grow and mature in the things of the Lord. Grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 3v18. To all of us, it should remind us that God will do what He has said. Everything else that we know might fail or end, but not God’s Word.

We are encouraged to learn of several students coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour this past term. We leave the results with the Lord and pray that others will respond to the gospel message. The students are exposed to the Word of God in dorm devotions, school assemblies, Sunday schools, and Scripture classes.

So far, we have studied 3 character qualities in school assemblies; attentiveness, obedience, and gratefulness. These character quality assemblies serve as a great basis for discussing how attentiveness, obedience, and gratefulness can be demonstrated in a practical way in the classroom, on the playground and in the dorm.

Classes are going well. It is good to see students making progress in different areas. The grade 3 and 4 students have been focusing on times table memorization. Some of the most advanced swimmers have done a 1 mile swim recently. Most of them did this (64 lengths of our swimming pool) in 45 minutes or less. The Grade 6 and 7 students have had opportunities in recent evenings to view the moon and stars through the school’s telescope. This has hopefully helped to reinforce what they have been learning in Science. The Grade 8 and 9 students visited the Ikelenge District Agricultural Fair this past Saturday. Everyone has been busy!

Students are looking forward to several key events still to come this term. Sport’s Day, cookouts and campouts, Birthday Party, another half-term, and then the end of term programme. Check your calendar for dates, or have look at the website : for more information.


Mark Ronald

Headmaster, Sakeji Mission School

Headmaster Update

Grade Two and Three students have been working hard since half-term. One class we used to conduct a Science Olympics. Student groups were given 20 mini-marshmallows and 20 toothpicks. They had to construct a tower. The winning group made a tower just over 10 centimeters tall. Another activity was bridge building. Groups received 6 pieces of paper, some cello tape and scissors. They had to try to build a bridge that would span the longest distance. One group’s bridge spanned nearly 50 centimeters! We are looking forward to Birthday Party next week with a Jungle theme.2014-02-17 14.57.32 (1)



Grade 2 & 3 Update

If you receive a letter from one of the Grade 2 + 3 students, don’t be surprised if it mentions something about penguins.  These strange ‘birds’ are found all over the world, but mostly in cold climates.  We’ve been reading a funny book about a funny man; Mr. Popper and Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

Also, there have been many fun facts we’ve discovered as well, such as penguins are birds, but really can’t fly, female penguins lay a single egg at a time, and the largest penguins are the emperor penguins!  What fun facts do you know about penguins?

Grade One Update

The grade ones are beginning to settle into the classroom routines and expectations. We are working on learning the alphabet and numbers one to twenty. Additionally we are learning about our fives senses.

Ms Sheach. – Grade One Teacher

Independance Day

If the Son therefore makes you free, you shall be free indeed. John 8:36


Independence Day, 2014 – A beautiful day here at Sakeji.  After breakfast, Mr. Hanna shared some Scriptures around the flagpole after we had raised the flag and sung, Stand And Sing Of Zambia. Swimming races began shortly afterwards, with students racing against each other according to swimming seal groups.  There were a few other competitions throughout the day; diving, relay races, pushing various members of staff across the pool.  Lunch at the river is always another favorite!  A little rain came over supper time, but it cleared up in time for the bonfire to begin.  Balloons, glow rings, and fireworks were enjoyed by one and all! 

Mark Ronald – Headmaster