Helping Hands

Recently Sakeji students, workers, and staff volunteered their time to help maintain a local school. Two classroom walls were prepped and painted, the outside of one classroom block, as well as functioning door locks installed. Here are a few pictures to record the event.
Our purpose in doing this was to continue to connect with the local community in practical ways and also have an opportunity to share God’s love and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Some student responses were:
“This was my first time painting a building and I actually enjoyed it. We need to have a good attitude and serve others. By doing this we are not only serving others, but also serving God. He set us an example for us so that we should follow in His steps.”
“Thank you to all who helped organize it and to all who participated and made the job fun! I went feeling nervous, and I came back with a smile and satisfaction.”
“Helping is my gift and I really enjoyed it…the stains on my clothes will remind me of the fun time I had painting at Sakufola School.”