Photos from Chris Rennie

This was taken by Dennis Brubacher in the early ’80s I think.

Aerial photo

This was probably taken again by Dennis Brubacher. I think the year was 1983.

Student photo

Again taken by Dennis Brubacher probably in the early ’80s. You can just make out the zip line and that is why all the kids are on the ant hill. Probably at a half-term.

Swimming pool

Not sure who took this photo, but I think it was my parents. I think it was taken in ’82 or ’83. I think this was the grade 6, form1 & 2 classes.

PE class

This one was taken again by Dennis Brubacher in the mid ’80s I think. Of course, this could almost be any decade going back to when the Big School was built!

School crest

Can’t remember who took this, maybe Dennis Brubacher or maybe my parents. I think it was taken in ’85. Miss Ross and Miss Hoyte standing at the goldfish pond.

Miss Ross and Miss Hoyte

This was taken by my parents in ’85. The only thing is that I can’t remember which side of the slide the big pipe was! I think I have it right in the photo, but if not, let me know. Sorry the quality is not good, it is a scan from a slide which is why I can get the pipe on either side of the slide! 😉 I am the oldest boy in the picture.


Photos and captions courtesy of Chris Rennie (Sakeji student: 1978-1985)