Grace Munnings (Richardson)

The Sakeji Family is sad to pass on the news of the passing of Mrs Grace Munnings on February 8th in Seaforth ON. Canada. For most Sakeji students you will have memories of her as Mrs Richardson.  She served here at Sakeji for many years and no doubt touched the lives of many Sakeji students. This school and the alumni owe so much to her and the others that served tirelessly along side her for Christ. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Link below is for the full obituary. Obituary for Grace Munnings.

Grade One Social Studies Project

The Grade One class has recently completed a book about themselves. Each student was responsible for making a page with a piece of writing, an outline of their head, as well as two pictures illustrating their feelings and their needs. They were so excited to have made their very own book!

Lower School Renovations

We have begun to renovate lower school. For many, this is where you began your time at Sakeji Mission School. Classrooms will be relocated for the second term, while a new roof is installed.





Front of lower school showing where the new veranda on when the building is finished.

Grade one side of the school.


Covered Play Area

Sakeji has begun to cover the ‘tennis court’. The steel beams to support the roof are installed and braced. We are putting up trusses this week. A covered play area will be a huge benefit to PE lessons, games, and other out of door activities come rain or shine!





On the playground side of the covered play area, we plan to build up a seating area for spectators and classes during instructional times.